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The word "Thetis" (Goddess of the sea) is taken from the name of the thetis ocean which the Caspian Sea is a remnant of the it. Some 50-60 m years ago, thetis ocean connected the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Gradually, due to movement of continental platform, it lost its connection, initially, with the Pacific Ocean, and later with the Atlantic, turning it into an isolated water body now famous as Caspian Sea.

Thetis Activities

Organizing classic/cultural/ Nomad tours.
Organizing adventure tours such as: peak climbing, trekking, rock-climbing, skiing, caving, mountain biking, camel riding, horseback riding, desert safari, water sports.
Organizing classic together with adventure tours.
Organizing adventure tours for both Iranian and foreign tour operators.
Organizing incentive tours, holy sightseeing tours (Christians, Zoroastrians, Muslims, Jewish) research tours, study tours, health tours, etc.
Organizing tailor made itineraries according to the requests of clients and tour operators.

Thetis Philosophy

Thetis Travel was established in 2005 as a communication travel agency to introduce Persia’s cultural and geographical treasury to the world and to facilitate the conditions for the interested tour operators and tourists around the world to visit Persia (the land of beauty and fable). We are well-staffed to perform all functions in a professional manner in the field of cultural, business, nature,…. based tourism, as well as a high level of reliability and safety. We are proposing itineraries that enable a lot of those whom are passing by to discover the richness and the diversity of Persia. Travel to Persia is an opportunity to meet new and old civilizations, to dive into the history, culture, faith, religion, and also actuality of Persia.
Thetis Travel invites to a time travel into Persia, where you can discover your roots and drink from a ten thousand years of human history.

Thursday, 20/06/2019
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