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Tourism Attraction Ali Qapou Edifice

This palace was also called 'Daulat Khaneh-e-Mobarakeh Nagsh-e-Jahan' and the 'Daulat Khaneh Palace'. Its unique archaic architecture is related to the Safavid era. This edifice was constructed under the orders of Shah Abbas I. The monarch would receive special envoys in this palace and hold his audience here. Valuable miniature paintings, the works of the reputed artist of the times Reza Abbassi, and other traditional works of art can be noted here Plasterwork of the 'sound room' was modeled such that the acoustic affect produced natural and pleasant sounds. The sovereign and his guests would be spectators to polo, illuminations, fire-works and the dramatics that took place in the Nagsh-e-Jahan Square from the halls of this elegant palace.

Ali Qapoo - Ali Ghapoo


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Travel to Ali Qapoo (Ali Qapu) Isfahan

Ali Qapoo is a six storied building with numerous rooms which is located in Isfahan, the plasterwork and paintings of which are extremely impressive.
The name Ali Qapu, (Turkish for "high gate"), was given to this place as it was right at the entrance to the Safavid palaces which stretched from the Maidan Naqsh-i-Jahan to the Chahar Bagh Boulevard.
Shah Abbas II was enthusiastic about the embellishment and perfection of Ali Qapu.
The Ali Qapu has multiple connotations, but generally connotes entrance or supreme gate to the complex of palaces and public buildings of the Safavid Government. palace attraction travel ali qapoo ali qapu
The Ali Qapu building was founded in several stages, beginning from a building with a single gate, with entrance to the government building complex, and gradually developed, ending in the existing shape.
Originally much smaller in scale, designed as a portal between the palace gardens and the maydan, the Ali Qapu grew with a series of additions over a sixty year period to accommodate court functions.

A large and massive rectangular structure, the Ali Qapu is 48 meters high and has six floors, fronted with a wide terrace whose ceiling is inlaid and supported by wooden columns. Ali Qapu is rich in naturalistic wall paintings by Reza Abbassi, the court painter of Shah Abbas I, and his pupils. There are floral, animal, and bird motifs. Attraction traveling natural  adventure, passport, treking The highly ornamented doors and windows of the palace have almost all been pillaged at times of social anarchy. Only one window on the third floor has escaped the ravages of time. Ali Qapu was repaired and restored substantially during the reign of Shah Sultan Hussein, the last Safavid ruler, but fell into a dreadful state of dilapidation again during the short reign of invading Afghans. Isfahan services visa transport tour attractions

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