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Attraction Bam Citadel Kerman

Bam citadel before earthquakeTo the north east of the Bam city, in the skirts of a gigantic rock is the foundations of a fortified castle, reputedly known as the Bam Citadel. This citadel was actually the old city of Bam. The city comprised of four sections and 38 watch towers. In the southern side of this structure there were four ramparts and to the north-eastern section there was also another colossal rampart. The citadel has been constructed of sun baked bricks, argyle and straw, but in some parts stone, brick and the barks of date palms have been utilized. The said citadel comprises of the entrance gate-way, a public sector, a military base and the central section or seat of power.
The public dwellings were constructed alongside the elevated areas and on the ground level. Regarding the city construction planning it’s a complete aggregate. Its distinguished areas are the main passage or bazaar, Hosseiniyeh (or place for public religious rituals and mourning), mosque (fire-temple), gymnasium for traditional sports, public bath and a religious sector pertaining to the Jews. Most of the common houses were constructed in such a manner that they were connected to each other and usually had interconnections. In some houses, private baths are seen. A few of these buildings are two strayed structures which were most probably constructed due to increased population.
After the gateway entrance there is a main passage which leads to the second gate-way. A part of this route was the city bazaar. Remenance of a bakery, an oil extraction area and the mud made shelves of bazaar reveals the splendor of the city in that time. Running parallel to the main passage there were two other paths leading to the second gateway. The Hosseiniyeh or place for religious mourning comprised of a large area with a two strayed symmetrical porch, a few chambers and three pulpits of sun baked bricks. The traditional gymnasium consisted of four porches, a dome and a low-lying area, surrounded by a higher platform.
The Bam citadel has two mosques, one is the Jame' Mosque and the other the Hazrat Mohammad (AS) Mosque. There was also used to be a public bath in public section, which is unfortunately in a ruined state at present. After the second gate-way are the stables, rampart and the sentry picket. The third gate-way led to the garrison, the commanders residence and a wind mill. In the midst of the citadel, a three storied edifice remains which was used to be the seat of the ruling power. Alongside this structure was a private bath of the commander, and a drainage conduit. This citadel was constructed by Bahman Esfandiyar, and dates back to the pre-Islamic period. The Bam Citadel has undergone several repairs.


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Iran Kerman Bam Citadel tours

The province of Kerman is the third largest in Iran Bam is a cultural city for traveling.
History The citadel Kerman Bam and original city of Bam were probably founded in the Sassanian period (224-637) and some of the surviving structures must have been built before the 12th century, but the greater part of what remains dates from the Safavid period.
Bam (Iran) in Province of Kerman, Altitude 1,000 m. 190 km S-E of Kerman by excellent road. 330 km West of Zahedan by track. Auxiliary airfield. Iran Air flights via Kerman for tourism.
Once Bam was a magnificent city molded in the red clay of the Great Iranian Desert. More than three kilometers is the length of the crenellated walls, supported by dozens towers for the defense of the ancient city. Inside, a triple ring of fortifications protects the citadel perched on top of a hill.

Iran Travel tour Information, Iran Traveling Center Bam Citadel to the north east of the Bam city, in the skirts of a gigantic rock is the foundations of a fortified castle, reputedly known as the Bam Citadel. This citadel was actually the old city of Bam.
There are various opinions about the date and reasons for the foundation of the Bam citadel. Some people believe that Bam city was founded during the empire of Parts.
A visit to Iran would be incomplete without seeing the Bam Citadel the cultural touring traveling citadel.
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The medieval oasis town of Bam lies near Arg-e-Qadeem-e Bam, a mud-walled citadel whose foundation may date back 2,000 years. According to some historians and cultural tour to, the citadel is the greatest city made of mud bricks in the world: Along its eerie deserted streets are the ruins of communal baths, mosques and shops, some of which have been painstakingly restored. From atop the citadel's walls, you can take in the astonishing view of palm groves in the desert. The Iranians are constructing an airport and tourist facilities in the new town of Arg-e Jadeed-e Bam, some 4 mi/7 km from the citadel. Bam may be seen as a day trip from Kerman. 60 mi/ 100 km southeast of Kerman.
Officials are concerned about the situation in Bam. "The situation in Bam is worrying.
Kerman, the capital of Kerman province, a province with a great antiquity, located in an altitude of 1860m above the sea level and 1062km to the south of Tehran. The town is situated close to Dasht-e Lut, from which it is separated by a range of mountains.

Vacation in Citadel Bam Iran

Most of the ancient Kerman was destroyed by earthquake in 1794. Jabalieh Domb, Malek and Jameh masques, Vakil tea house, Ganjali Khan Bath house and square are among the place of interests. Other attractions in Kerman province are: Prince Garden, Mausoleum of Shah Ne’matullah Vali the great Sufi of 14-15 century AD and founder of Ne’matullahi sect, in Mahan and Rayen Citadel. Organizes cultural, hiking walking trekking tour , adventure, training, incentive tours. Itineraries include pilgrimages, nomads, eco-tourism, visa processing, and more. Adventures Travel - A family–owned travel company that designs and guides small-group tours.
I spent four weeks visiting Iran arriving in Tehran and trekking in the Alborz Mountains. I traveled to Bam via Kerman and on to the Gulf coast to visit Hormoz Island. The second half of my trip took me to the imperial cities of Shiraz and Esfahan, also stopping at the desert city of Yazd.
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Bam have a tropical climate. On a hill in vicinity of the city there is one of the world wonders called Arg e Bam (citadel of Bam) this castle covers an area about 6 sq. Kms being the greatest MUD BRICK construction in the world.
This complex is one of the most important historical sites for the entire tourist in IRAN.
Quit apart from citadel on top of t5he watching tower in center of the citadel one can see wonderful landscape of Date and Sitrouce garden of Bam.

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