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North of Iran (Mazandaran & Gilan provinces)

General information of north of Iran:

Iran Map Near the Caspian Sea, there are two provinces called Gilan and Mazandaran covered with beautiful forests and cities with clean air and beautiful hotels, motels and suites and villas for tourists, to relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature, forests, mountains and the Caspian Sea.
The most important and beautiful cities like Rasht, Anzali, Lahijan, Noshahr, Chaloos, Noor, Babol, Babolsar, Ramsar and all other small or big cities with exceptional view and beauty hug the Caspian sea and say welcome to all tourists.


perhaps north of Iran has the best type of weather in Iran. In general, Mazandaran has a moderate and humid climate known as "the moderate Caspian climate." The effective factors behind such a climate are: Alborz mountain range, direction of the mountains, height of the area, and neighborhood to the sea, vegetation surface, local winds, and altitude and weather fronts.

Beautiful Cities and villages:

Kelardasht and Roodbar, Iran natural tour Kelardasht and Roodbar, Iran natural tour

Kelardasht & Roodbarak: Located northwest of Tehran close to the Caspian Sea, this fertile valley is one the most popular destinations for eco tourists. At an altitude of 1250 m above sea level the landscape is one of gentle hills covered with forest. Great hiking trails, streams suited for fishing and a peculiarly shaped Valasht lake, make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.
Roodbarak: This beautiful valley in the highlands of the Kelardasht, together with the Alamkuh and Tahkt-e Soleyman mountain peaks, is commonly called Iran's Switzerland. Being in the center of the famous peaks, the dense forests of Abbas-Abad on the shores of Caspian Sea and Kelardasht often make Roodbarak the departure point for nature exploration.

Namakabrood tour travel Namakabroud tours

Namakabroud: This village is famous for its beautiful jungles and 2 lines of telecabin inside the jungles. The landscape above the jungles is fascinating and attract many tourists each year.




Ramsar Ramsar

Ramsar: On the west coast of the Mazandaran province, surrounded by orange orchards, Ramsar is a seaside resort built on a narrow land strip. The town extends from the shore to the slopes of the forested Alborz Mountains. It is by far the most scenic and prestigious resort town on the Caspian Sea shore, known for its natural hot spring baths and pebble beaches.


Masuleh (Masooleh) trips Masuleh (Masooleh) tours

Masuleh: Masuleh is the traditional and unspoiled mountain villages in the Caspian province of Gilan. It's a cool 1050m (3444ft) above sea level and, formed by several irregular levels of terraced cream houses, appears to have grown out of its surroundings. So steep is the slope that there isn't even a network of alleys, instead, the flat roofs of many houses form a pathway for the level above.
There are a few facilities there, just one hotel and a restaurant, although you may be able to get a room in a local home, but Masule's inspired setting makes it worth the effort to get there.

Lahijan & Langerud Lahijan & Langerud

Lahijan and Langerud: This attractive city is surrounded by rice paddies and gentle mountains blanketed with tea plantations. It is known for its tea leaves and its Kolucheh (pastry).
Langerud: A township east of Lahijan built on the slopes of the Alborz mountains and irrigated by the Langerud river. The river flows into the Caspian Sea 8 km from Langerud at the site of the popular beach resort of Chamkhaleh.

Noshahr and Chalous tours Noshahr and Chalous

Noshahr and Chalous: Noshahr seaport closest to Tehran and one of the two cities in the province with an airport, Noshahar is a major transit point between the littoral states on the Caspian Sea. Its mild climate, beaches and proximity to the Sisangan Forest Park make it a popular vacation destination.
Sisangan Forest Park is one of the region's major tourist destinations. 31 km east of the city of Noshahr, the forest stretches on a narrow strip from the shores of the Caspian Sea to the Alborz mountains peaks and it offers many recreational activities including horseback riding in the forest, and picnic areas with facilities.
Chalous: In addition to linking the capital city to the northern provinces of the country, Chalous is located in the center of many popular seaside and mountain resorts, only 200 km from Tehran.

Rasht: Capital of the Gilan province, Rasht is a major city in the Caspian Sea region. It is a distribution center of agricultural products from fertile lands in the north of the country, and a main transportation hub between the Caucasus, Russia and Iran; thus, a major trading center. a lively and active life style is apparent in the trade activities all over the city in the daytime, and in the busy restaurants, movie theatres, and crowded streets in the city center at night. Rasht is known for its unique cuisine, particularly its seafood and its traditional rustic life style. This can be best observed during the day in its open air bazaar, with its many small food stores and vendors from surrounding villages offering fresh produce, eggs, live chickens and ducks, olives, fish... and shoppers busy bargaining in the packed alleys in the bazaar and adjacent streets.

Astara and Anzali trips Astara and Anzali tours

Astara and Anzali Astara: A border city with the Republic of Azerbaijan, where the Aras River reaches the Caspian Sea. It is one of the country's free trade zones and a major trade center in the north. It is also Iran's land link to Russia and the other states which emerged after the Soviet Union breakup - thus, connecting Iranian roads to Europe.
Anzali: Anzali is a harbour town on the Caspian Sea, in the Iranian province of Gilan, close to Rasht. Tourist attractions are the long harbour promenade and the water-logged delta of the Sefid Rud. Bandar Anzali is the most important seaport in the north of Iran. I t consists of a main island "Mianposhteh" and the lands around it. Anzali Lagoon is a coastal waterbody in the Caspian Sea near the city of Anzali. This lagoon that is very rich in fish.

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The following itineraries are optional tours could be operated with different duration for groups and individuals.
Those nationalities who can get visa upon arrival for 1 week can enjoy below tour.

Citizens of the following countries can apply for one week touristy visa for Iran upon their arrival in the administration visa office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs situated in Iran’s Airports:

Azerbaijan - Albania - Germany - Austria - Armenia - Uzbekistan - Spain - Slovenia - Slovakia - United Arab Emirates - Indonesia - Ukraine - Italy - Bahrain - Brazil - Brunei - Belarus - Belgium - Bulgaria - Bosnia - Herzegovina - Portugal - Peru - Tajikistan - Thailand - Turkmenistan - China - Denmark - Russia - Romania - Japan - Singapore - Sweden - Switzerland - Syria - Saudi Arabia - Oman -France - Palestine - Finland - Philippines - Cyprus - Kyrgyzstan - Qatar - Croatia - Kazakhstan - South Korea - North Korea - Colombia - Cuba - Kuwait - Georgia - Lebanon - Luxemburg - Poland- Malaysia - Hungary - Mongolia - Mexico - Norway - New Zealand - Venezuela - Vietnam - Netherlands - India - Yugoslavia - Greece.

Required documents for visa application upon arrival: In order to have your visa issued in Iran airport, the applier should have two way tickets and the passport validity must be of minimum 6 month. The applier is also required to render one photo together with 50 USD for the applier.

You can rent equipped villas (4 till 7 days) in any cities and villages and stay on your own and enjoy beautiful landscape of the region. Our services include transfer you to the region and back to Tehran and reservation of villa.

NO (Person) 3 4-5 6-9 10-15
4 Days tour price (per person) 250.00 USD 210.00 USD 190.00 USD 180.00 USD
7 Days tour price (per person) 350.00 USD 310.00 USD 290.00 USD 280.00 USD

The cars of the different groups are as follows:
• 1-3 Paxes: GEL Peugeot or the same class cars like Ciello
• 4-5 Paxes: Mitsubishi or Toyota Van
• 6-9 Paxes: Mini bus

Villa Villa Villa

The above Prices include:
* Accommodation in villa
   • Two or three double bedrooms
   • Bathrooms
   • Large living area
   • Equipped Kitchen
   • Dining area
   • Central Heating
   • Air-conditioning
   • TV
   • Furniture
* Transfer to north and back to Tehran
* English speaking driver or guide in transfers

Children less than 2 years old are free of charge.
The price for children (2-7) years old in 35 percent of the total price of the tour. The price for children (7-12) years old is 50 percent of the total price of the tour.

Extra services if needed:
If you need you can ask for more services like van & driver to transfer your group to other cities of Caspian sea which are close to each other.
Iran Transportation Transportation in Iran Transportation in Iran

The price is as below:
Hyundai 2007 145 USD per day (including fuel, parking,…..)
Chorus minibus 115 USD per day (including fuel, parking,…..)
Volks wagon 1994 85 USD per day (including fuel, parking,…..)
Servant: You can have servant in villa for cooking delicious Iranian food. The price is as below:

NO (Person) 3 4-5 6-9 10-15
H/B (B-L) per person per day 20.00 USD 18.00 USD 16.00 USD 14.00 USD
F/B (B-L-D) per person per day 28.00 USD 26.00 USD 24.00 USD 22.00 USD

• Juice & Water
• Milk
• Eggs
• Bread
• Jam & Honey
• Butter & Cheese
• Tea & Coffee
• Seasonal fruits

Lunch (Standard Lunch):
• Rice with fish or chicken or kebab or Iranian khoresht
• Salad & yogurt
• One soft drink (Cola , Dogh, nonalcoholic beer)

• Salads
• Mixed Vegetable
• roasted Fish or Chicken
• Soup

Those nationalities who need reference for visa or they like to have a cultural tour in combination with Caspian tour and stay longer than 1 week can use other itineraries on our site.

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