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Flower-picking ceremonies

flower picking ceremonies in kashanOne of the special ceremonies which was held in Iran for many years is flower-picking and process of extracting rose-water. Kashan city is famous for this ceremony.
Over 2,000 families inhabiting Kashan are involved in the cultivation, growing and picking roses and the production of rose-water whose major activity is centered at the Karkas mountain slopes and the west of Kashan. The cultivated lands are estimated by the experts at 850 hectares and on the average three tons of rose are harvested at each hectare.
The flowers should be picked before sunrise to preserve their fragrance and members of each family specially women set out to rose gardens once they are through with their morning prayers and addressing their appreciation to the Lord for his blessings. The sight of women with rose-filled baskets under their arms is quite interesting.
Both Iranians and foreigners associate the city of Kashan in central Iran with its 800-year-old roses, rose-water and carpets. But what accounts for the glory of this area and its inhabitants each year is washing the Ka'ba of the world Muslims with the pure fragrant rose-water produced in Kashan.
Rose buds have already blossomed at Karkas mountain slopes and Qamsar, Niasar, Barzak and Joshaqan-Kamo gardens in Kashan; while women and men set out towards rose gardens before dawn to take part in the special flower-picking ceremonies.
The dry central desert of Iran has hidden pink-colored gems in its depth and the spectators eyes are dazzled at the rubies.
The rose-water product of the area is categorized as `Do-atasheh', `Zir-atri' and `Conventional’. the process of extracting rose water is quite traditional for many years .each year the festival of flower and rose water held in late April and early june.


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