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Explore Persia How Far Would You Follow Beauty?

From wherever you arrive, PERSIA is only arm’s length away.

Where is it?
Iran attractionSituated between the Irann Peninsula and the Mediterranean, Iran has for thousands of years been a cross roads of cultures. People dwelling on the Iranian Plateau have made a synthesis of the civilizations of the far east and the brilliant civilizations of the shore of the Mediterranean and the middle east, together with Irann, Chinese, Greek and Arab ways of thought and techniques. Iranian history reveals distinct periods resulting from different historical factors: the advent of Alexander the Great in 330 B.C., the influence of the Greek civilization, the Arab invasion in the seventh and Mongol invasion in the thirteenth centuries. Despite these various invasions, Iranian culture neither disappeared nor declined; on the contrary it strongly influenced the civilizations of the invaders. The beauty of the Greek gods could take no hold on Iranian civilization. The Mongols were seduced into adopting Iranian ways and customs. The outstanding characteristic of Iranian civilization is its cultural continuity. The most ancient religion of Iran, Zoroastrianism, was founded about 600 B.C. by Zoroaster. It was official religion of the Iranian Empire for many centuries. It disappeared almost completely after the Arabs introduced Islam into Iran. The Iranians, by adopting a special Islamic doctrine, Shiism, introduced Iranian civilization into the world of Islam. During the early centuries of Islam, Iranian philosophy, mathematics, astronomy and medicine spread to the west from Iran:
Nasir molk mosqueThe works of Avicenna and Razi are two examples of this movement. The Persian language remained intact and even now, after more than a thousand years, the Shahnameh (The Book of Kings) by well – Known Iranian epic poet Ferdowsi is read with enthusiasm. Persian poetry, born over one thousand years ago, has developed without a break until our own time. From the eleventh century onwards, its influence extended beyond the Iranian Plateau: from Iran as far as the Chinese border, on the one hand, and as far as Asia Minor, on the other. The poet’s works still have great popular appeal. Even illiterates know a great many verses by heart. Another important element in Iranian civilization and culture is its universally known art. The objects and statues of the prehistoric period on view in most of the museums of the world are the first manifestation of this art. In historical times, architecture and sculpture develop and reach their peak of perfection. Ancient capitals (Persepolis, Passargad and Susa), the palaces, fortresses, tombs, and bas reliefs discovered all over the country are proof of this. Add to this art of the potter, the weaver, the metalworker, etc. Painting was held in honor under the Sassanians. During the Islamic period different schools of painting sprang up. They entirely devoted to miniature painting. Unlike painting, sculpture in the Islamic era became impoverished and produced no great master. On the other hand, ceramics have always their age – old popularity. In pottery, calligraphy, weaving, ceramics, mosaics, and in the most Famous Persian arts, carpets, the beauty of design is striking. During the Islamic Period, architecture was one of the most important arts of the country.
Yazd Historical PlacesThe origins of the Iranian music are the remotest antiquity. But it is undoubtedly known that, in the Sassanian period, musicians were held in great honor. Musical documentation became more precise towards the end of the nineteenth century. Iranian music has twelve main modal systems; it is monodic in other words only one note is heard at a time. Although the form of the melody is usually fairly simple, the art lies in the way of playing it and improvisation is of prime importance.

Palaces of Interest
Iran has undoubtedly played a most significant role in the evolution of human civilization. What we call Iran today is the reminder of an ancient civilization. Archeological finding indicate that human beings lived in the various parts of Iran as long as 15,000 years a go. During this long history from the food gathering age, down to now Iran experienced different dynasties. Due to this reason it’s said that one million historical attractions exists in Iran. In each city you can find historical sites. Edifices, Castles, Historical Bridges, ziggurats, Caravansaries, Inscriptions, Hills, Temples, Tombs and Domes, Towers and Minarets
National GardenOld and Historical Houses, old Schools, old Bazaars, Old Public Baths and Water Reservoirs, Historical Caves Historical Graveyards, old Mosques Mausoleums and Imamzadehs old Churches, Temples are among the attractions of Iran. Most of them are famous in the world. Persepolis, choqazanbil ziggurat, passargade, naqshe jahan square, Golestan Palace,……. Every tourist can find everything which is interest for.
Iran has lots of monuments offer to culture seekers. You can hear foot steps of empire in persepolis, the glorious ruins of Achamenian palaces. Other palaces in isfahan like chehelsoton and Aliqapou and Golestan Palace in Tehran are among eye catching palaces of Iran. Enjoy visiting the tombs of Iranian kings in Rahmat Mountain, with inscriptions which explain the glories of kings. Zoroastrian fire temples with fires which is burning for thousands of years are unique in the world. Mosque with different architectures and oldness from the early age of Arab attack to Iran up to now. The glorious one is Imam Mosque in Isfahan. Old churches in different cities like Vank Cathederal in Isfahan, Thaddeus and Gara Klisa are also worth to see. Tehran, the city of museums, which are unique in the world, jewels, Carpet, Glassware and Ceramic, Archelogical and Rezaabbasi museums are among the best. You will find traces of a great civilization displayed in the showcases. Enjoying amazing nights of desert with staying in caravansary and hear the bells of camels of the caravan which passing the silk road and soak in the history of ancient Persia.
Moreover historical attractions, Iranian hospitality and friendly behavior would memorable your trip to Iran. Pack all your six senses and travel to Persia the land of history.
Any time you come to Iran you are welcome.


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