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Explore Persia How Far To Paradise?


Iran AdventureA legend tells that – after creating the world and carefully sharing beauty among the countries of the world, sparingly and cautiously – God had a handful of pure beauty which he scattered across the country know today as Persia. It does represent middle east in miniature with its natural beauty and landscape diversity covering and area of 1,648,000 square kilometers, Persia located at the heart of middle east and as a bridge, links the Caspian sea, the largest land– locked body of water in the world, to the Persian Gulf.
Unique landscapes such as limpid water springs, pomegranate orchards, pistachio gardens, rows of lombady poplars, decampment of nomads in different season stelliferous nights, rocky mountain, endless high and low lands, extinct snow – clad volcanoes, dense forests of the Alborz Mountain Range, and coastlines of the Caspian Sea, are all eye – catching and memorable. Nature and it’s diversity in Iran are valuable parameters for million hectares of terrestrial land are covered by orchards, gardens and farmlands; 10 million hectares are plains and pastures; 19 million of hectares are forests and the remaining include barren lands, desert and Iran Desertmountains.
Among significant characteristics of the vast land is the existence of high mountains as well as flat plains, desert areas, rivers and lakes contributing to unique geographical conditions in which, at any time of the year and in each section of the country, one of the four season is visible. Thus in winter, swimming and water skiing are possible in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf, and at the same time winter sports, like skiing are possible in the northern and western mountains of the country. The magnificent Alborz Mountain Range in the North, the Zagross Mountain Range in the West and some other mountain chains which extend from Khorassan to Baluchistan in the east, surrounded plateau of Iran which is mostly desert in the middle. The most important summits in Iran are: Damavand (5,671M.) – Northeast of Tehran; Sabalan (4,880M.) - west of Iran MountainArdebil; Alamkuh (4,000M) in the center of Mazandaran; Zardkooh (4,550M.) in Bakhtiari Dena(4,309M.)North of Yasouj; Taftan (3,941M.) south of Zahedan. Complexity and diversity of geological and calcareous structures have contributed to the formation of so many caves in different provinces, especially in Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Hamedan which are attractive to numerous tourists. Visiting some of these caves is highly recommended and they are amongst important tourism attraction. The two well-known deserts of Iran, Dasht – e Lout and Dasht – e Kavir, covering an area of over 360,000 square kilometers are amongs the most interesting yet unknown places. Persia has more than 500 known mineral water and thermal Springs used for different purposes.
Spa In Iran MountainMost of these spas are located in the Alborz Mountain Range in Azerbaijan and in the Zagross Mountain and some are located close to Isfahan, Mashhad and Bandar Abbas. The thermal spas of Sara-Eyin (Ardebil), Larijan (at the slopes of Alborz) and Mahallat attract many people all around the year for recreation and therapeutic purposes. Iran with owing one million and two hundred fifty thousand cultural - historical sites stands at one of the top ten countries on tourism attraction in the world. Families, businessmen and those who enjoy active holidays will have plenty of things to do in Iran. Walkers can enjoy the silence of the mountains, sports climbers, skiers, bikers, fisherman, hunters, horseback riders and other can enjoy their favorite sports in the variety of landscapes.

Three thousand years, the cuisine of Persia is one of the oldest in the world .it has demonstrated the remarkable ability to absorb and adapt the foods of other nations, starting from ancient Rome and Greece to Mongul India, the Moslem world and the Ottoman Empire. This is way Persian cuisine still endures today with a warm familiarity. The primary food in classical Persian cuisine is rice, delicately prepared with herbs and nuts, sumptuous rice dishes are served in assorted variations. The main dish served in restaurants through out Iran is the kebab. The standard chelo kabab is a long thin strip of meat or mince served with a mound of rice or with bread and grilled tomatoes. Kabab Makhsus is a larger strip of meat made of better quality lamb, Kabab Barg is a thinner and more variable in quality. The most common version is Kababe Kobideh made out of minced meat. Kebabs are usually sprinkled with Somaq(sumac) and accompanied by a raw onion, a pat of butter and a bowl of yogurt to stir into the Rice. Another Iranian favorite is Juje Kabab marinated chicken kebab served in the same way as a normal kebab. Fille kabab is made with lamb fillet and is invariably delicious. Iranian soup is usually made from lentils and tomato paste and is thick and filling. Abgusht also known as dizi a soup-stew combination eaten with sangak bread is commonly served in the restaurants called dizisara. Khoresht is a blanket term for any kind of thick meaty stew made with vegetables and chopped nuts and served with rice. One of the prizes of Iranian cooking is fesenjan, a meat stew made with pomegranate juice, walnuts, aubergine and cardamom. Qormeh Sabzi is rather bitter stew made from lamb, various vegetables and dried lime. Iranian Dolmehs are
Vegetables, Fruit or vine leaves stuffed with a mixture of vegetables or meat and rice.kofte
Are meatballs which are made with the ingredients similar to dolmeh, and mostly well know as kofte tabrizi as it is a food originally from Tabriz. Yogurt, called mast is a staple of Iranian cuisine. Iranian sweets is also famous for its taste. If you have a sweet tooth, try some delicious and refreshing paludeh in Shiraz, chewy gaz from Isfahan or many delicious products made from honey, particularly in north-western Iran. Also Iranian tea which made with samovar is also famous. Teahouses in all cities serve saffron tea which is special tea of Iran.


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