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Iran International Fairs tehran international Exhibitions list in 2016

Short Description: The 11 Robocup Iran Open 2016
4-8 Apr 2016

iran plast
13-17 Apr 2016

The 3rd National Laboratory Equipment & Chemical E xhibition ( iran lab)
24-27 apr 2016

The 23 rd Detergents, Hygienic , Washing Products & R
24-27 apr 2016

The 2nd Int,l. Iran Project
24-27 apr 2016

The 21 Int,l.Oil ,Gas,Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition
5-8 may 2016

The 4th Int,l. Exhibition of Transportation & Rail Industry
15-18 may 2016

2nd international Exhibition of Biotechnology
23-24 may 2016

The 3rd Int,l. Innovation Tech Exhibition (INOTEX 2016)
23-25 may 2016

The 23rd Int,l. Exhibition of Food , Food Technology &
30 may - 02 jun 2016

The 5th Int,l. Exhibition on Elevators, Escalators, Lifts
11-14 july 2016

The 8th Int,l. Exhibition of Natural Stone , Mine, Machinery &
21-24 july 2016

The 24th Int,l. Tile , Ceramic & Sanitary Ware Fair
21-24 july 2016

The 14th Bath, Sauna & Pool Industries & Equipment Int,l
21-24 july 2016

The 25th Int,l. Exhibition of Home Furniture (MOBLEX2016 )
1-4 Aug 2016

The 25th Persian Handmade Carpet Exhibition
22-28 Aug

The 8th Floor Covering , Moquette, Machine-made Carpet &
3-6 sep 2016

The 22th Int,l. Exhibition of Textile Machinery, Raw Materials,
3-6 sep 2016

The 15th Int,l Confectionery Fair
13-16 sep 2016

The 7th Int,l. Beverage & Related Industries Exhibition
13-16 sep 2016

25-28 sep 2016

The 12th Water & WasteWater Industry Int,l. Exhibition
25-28 sep 2016

The 16th Tehran Int,l. Industry Exhibition T.I.I.E 2016
5-8 oct 2016

The 9th Nano Technology Int,l. Exhibition
5-8 oct 2016

The 3nd Int,l. Exhibition of Health, Safety & Workplace
5-8 oct 2016

The 15th Int,l. Exhibition of Installation (Heating, Cooling)
17-20oct 2016

The 2nd Int,l. Exhibition of Hospital Building, Hospital Equipment
17-20oct 2016

hospitality iran 2016 ( IRAN HORECKA 2016)
17-20oct 2016

The 14th Int,l.Exhibition of Transportation & Urban Services
27-30 oct 2016

The 16th Int,l. Exhibition of Electricity Industry
6-9 nov 2016

12th Int\'l Exhibition Of Mine, Mining, Construction Machinery &( iran conmine2016)
6-9 nov 2016

The 11th Auto Parts Int,l. Exhibition
16-19 nov 2016

The 13th Int,l. Exhibition of Metallurgy (METAFO 2016)
16-19 nov 2016

The 16th Int,l. Exhibition of Household Appliances
26-29 nov 2016

The 4 th Intl Bag, Shoes, Leather & Related Industry Exhibition
26-29 nov 2016

agro food
26-29 nov 2016

The 16th Int,l. Exhibition of Paint, Resin, Industrial Coating &
6-9 Dec 2016

The 10th Int,l. Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition
6-9 Dec 2016

The 4th Int,l. Exhibition of Metal Rod Industries, Cables
6-9 Dec 2016

The 22st Int,l. Exhibition of Electronic, Computer & E –commerce
15-18 Dec 2016

The 23nd Pack, Print & Related Machineries Int,l. Exhibition
25-28 Dec 2016

The 7th Int,l. Exhibition of office Furniture
25-28 Dec 2016

The 13th Int,l. Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing & Related
4-7 jan 2017

The 4rd Int,l. Exhibition on Nuts , Dried Fruits & Related
4-7 jan 2017

The 9th Int,l. Exhibition of Cement, Concerte, Manufacturing
14-17 jan 2017

The 7th Int,l. Exhibition of Modern House, Architecture,
14-17 jan 2017

The 8th Door & Windows Technology Int,l. Exhibition
24-27 jan 2017

The 7th Int,l. Exhibition of Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation &
24-27 jan 2017

The 8th Int,l. Exhibition of Wood Industries Machineries
4-7 feb 2017

The 6th Amusement Centers, parks, Technology & Equipment
15-18 feb 2017

The 16th Int,l. Environment Exhibition (IRAN ENVIRO 2017)
25-28 feb 2017



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