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Iran Map & Cites Ahwaz

With an elevation of 18 meters above sea level, Ahwaz is too hot in spring and summer, pleasantly mild in winter. As an industrial city, it brings much of the income of the country. Ahwaz is a major pint for a visit to several outstandingly important sites such as Haft Tappeh, Choga Zanbil and Susa. Meaning seven mounds, Haft Tappeh is an Elamite complex.
Choga Zanbil, the largest and best preserved of all ziggurats (temple towers), was used as the religious center of the Elamites. It was built by the Elamite king Untash Gul in about 1250 B.C. Susa, a very ancient town, was the capital of the Elamites for quite a long time. A century after its destruction by Assurbanipal in 640 B.C., the Achaemenians built a strong citadel here calling it Susiana. Susiana is the Shushan of the Bible, where Esther who married the Achaemenian king Xerxes lived a luxurious life.


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