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Housing the holy shrine of the eighth religious leader of the Moslems, Mashhad is the most important pilgrimage center in Iran. Centrally located, is the gold – plated dome under which lies the leader’s tomb – Chamber. The dome is surrounded by a number of inter – connecting courtyards giving the shrine a highly charming beauty specially during the night when they are illuminated. Flanked by the holy shrine, are the famous 15 – century Gohar Shad Mosque, the Holy Koran museum, and Raza museum. A short excursion to the small town of Toos will give the traveler a chance to visit the burial place of Ferdowsi, the great Iranian epic poet. The other important sites of Mashhad are:
The Holy Shrine of Emam Reza
The Traditional bazaar
Tomb and museum of Nadershah’s Treasures
Khajeh Rabi mausoleum ,
Kalat Naderi
Gohar Shad Mosque
the Tomb of Ferdowsi


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