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Iran Map & Cites Shiraz

Shiraz, the romantic capital of Iran, is the home of Persian culture and the sanctuary of poetry and philosophy. Shiraz enjoys a world – wide reputation not only because it offers a number of eye – catching attractions but also because it is the starting point for a visit to the historic ruins of Persepolis which was the most beautiful capital of the ancient world .

Major Monuments
Persepolis (glorious ruins of Achaemenan palaces 5188 . c )
Naqhsh – e Rostam (Naqhsh – e Rajab)
Passargad (Tomb of Cyrus)
Naghsh – e Shapour (Darab)
Azarjoo fire Temple
Tal Zahak
Atigh mosque
Shahe cheraq
Koran Gate
Saadi & Hafez Tombs
Pars museum
Karimkhan citadel
Vakil mosque and bazaar
Narenjestan Ghavam
Nasirolmolk Mosque & House

Takhtjamshid Shiraz

Shiraz cultural tour

Takhtjamshid Shiraz


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Vakil mosque and bazaar, Narenjestan Ghavam, Nasirolmolk Mosque & House

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Tal Zahak, Atigh mosque, Shahe cheraq, Koran Gate, Saadi & Hafez Tombs, Pars museum, Karimkhan citadel, Bazaar

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Persepolis (glorious ruins of Achaemenan palaces 5188 . c ), Naqhsh – e Rostam (Naqhsh – e Rajab), Passargad (Tomb of Cyrus) Naghsh – e Shapour (Darab), Azarjoo fire Temple
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