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Tehran, the capital of Iran, is the seat of museums of all kinds. They display objects illustrating art, history, science, etc. The most interesting sites of Tehran are:
Museum of Royal Jewels in National ( Melli ) Bank in which the famous diamond Daryayeh Noor (The Sea of Light) along with other jewels and crowns of Iranian kings are kept.
Bazaar of Tehran , the largest commercial center of the country with several caravansaries , old Buildings, Imam Mosque, Motahhari (Sepahsalar) Mosque and school.
Golestan Palace as well as Niavaran and Saad Abad palaces.
National Museums (Iran Bastan (archeology) & Islamic), Carpet, Reza Abbasi (art), contemporary arts, Abgineh (ceramics and glassware), decorative arts all hold a treasury of invaluable art works.
Holly Shrine of imam Khomeini
Azadi Cultural Complex


Azadi square Tehran


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